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The story of J.W. Knoppert & Zn goes back to 1896 when grandfather Knoppert started a horticultural business in Honselersdijk in Westland. The Knoppert family has the ....
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Flower Power

At the age of 12 Arie picked flowers at the farm of his uncles Niko and Pum. This was the start of the love for the profession. After several years of working on the land, Arie decided to set up his own nursery....
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Sonneveld Hydrangea

Sonneveld Hydrangea has been active since 1999 in the cultivation of hydrangea and they grow in many different types and colors. By working with multiple methods of protection and optimal growing conditions........
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Captain Calla

To see the most beautiful selection of Calla I paid a visit to breeder Kapiteyn in Anna Paulowna. On the open door days it was possible to see the new varieties and to meet the people of Kapiteyn.
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ROOTS®: a new concept for quality roses

FlowerSense introduces a new marketing concept that enables African rose growers to completely focus on the growing process and the quality of their products. The concept is called ROOTS and stands for quality roses from quality growers in Africa. We also bring the real story from Kenya on FAIR TRADE
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