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The story of Hortensia

Bring some more Hortensia in your life!
On request of Dutch growers and in collaboration with Royal Flora Holland, we -FloraPlus and FlowerSense- were asked to organize a trip to Norway. Together with growers, auction, trade and inspirator we formed the perfect platform to share knowledge.

On Thursday afternoon we met at the airport and the atmosphere was equal already. Everyone is excited and you feel you’re out with like-minded people. Arriving at the Hotel Grand Farris Larvik (south coast), we have a wonderful ambiance and we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Good wine and two speaksman who talk about the Norwegian market.
Knut starts with the words; “we are happy to meet the most important people of the business – The Growers!”

The next day we set off early to a wholesaler, florist, garden center, interflora flower shop, florist in a shopping mall. When passion meets passion you can imagine what happens. The grower starts sharing his knowledge with the Florist and the new energy flows…. We aslo meet Oystein, a florist who sells from a container. His location is perfect and even the Norwegian princess comes here to buy her flowers.

In Norway, it is clear that personal attention is the most important sales tool. And Trust is something you need to earn before one wants to do business with  you.

In Oslo we stay in a nice boutique hotel and at dinner we met Kjetil, a good friend of Ron and me. Kjetil inspires us with a story about Hortensia. Hortensia means Water.
You need Water in Life….
You need Air….
You need Love….
Bring some more Hortensia in your life.
At the end of the evening we decided to organize an annual Hortensia Day. Super inspiring!

Saturday morning a beautiful trip along mountains and lakes brings us to the flower shop of Miriam. Miriam is very curious about how to treat the Hortensia the best way. We are happy to answer her questions personally.  After 2 other shops we have to go to the airport to catch the plane which brings us safe again on Dutch soil.

This was a very good business trip with very nice people! We enjoyed and we have learned a lot!


For more information about Hortensia you can go to





More info about the grower Sonneveld Hydrangea
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